Flash to HTML5 Converters

Ever since people started sharing their videos online, there was a need for a strong platform to ensure controlled and functional playback within the limitations of an Internet browser. Back in the day, YouTube introduced and popularized Flash as an almost universally used plugin for video playback, but things never cease to evolve and now we have HTML5 video support soaring to the status of an officially recognized web standard.

On the upside, the HTML5 offers improved functionality and allows website owners and designers to do more with their videos. Not all is so easy, though, as some content developers have been working in Flash for years and are reluctant to switch. Matters are not made easier by the fact that it’s not that easy to find a working and functional Flash to HTML5 converter.

There is, however, a wide range of possibilities to choose from and one must approach the matter with care in order to decide on the best course of action. A variety of Flash to HTML5 converters is currently available to be found online and all of them have different specifications and limitations. No one can really say which is the best of them, as it depends on the particular person involved. For some an expensive professional multi-functional video editing and converting software is must have, while others might as well settle for a less versatile, but still very efficient web application like Easy HTML5 Video.

An important thing to note is that HTML5 is not a particular format of video files, but instead a platform that offers video playback support directly within a browser. It is currently compatible with three different video formats, which are H.264 MP4, OGG and WebM.

When looking through online search results for a Flash to HTML5 converter, it is advised to pay attention to all the information available about each particular software. Some specifications will be more important than others. Certain features simply cannot be overlooked when searching for a converter.

For example, the first thing you need to check for when looking for a Flash to HTML5 converter online is whether or not it supports the particular format conversion you are looking for. Many converting applications will support a wide range of formats, but somehow omit the Flash to OGG, H.264 MP4 and WebM options. You should not download them without knowing that they will not be much use to you when trying to convert Flash to HTML5. Instead, consider converters like Easy HTML5 Video, which supports all the relevant video file formats.

It is possible that some web designers and developers would consider not switching to HTML5 video playback from Flash streaming capabilities, each for their different reasons. While it is still a viable route to take nowadays, experts predict that in a few years the web will be completely overtaken by HTML5 supported content and Flash simply cannot offer the same level of video playback functionality and effects.

Flash video streaming still offers some comparative advantages in terms of producing interactive content and additional user functionality, but HTML5 is definitely the supreme platform when it comes to support of video playback. If you think you have trouble switching to HTML5, Easy HTML5 Video will prove you wrong with its wide range of features, intuitive interface and superior functionality.

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