Firefox HTML5 Video : The battle of HTML5 video vs Flash streaming

Mozilla Firefox was one of the first web browsers to successfully integrate the HTML5 video tag functionality within its environment and since then has maintained the status of a stable and up-to-date browsing platform as far as HTML5 videos are concerned. It had its deal of bad luck throughout the course of last few years and a fair share of minor glitches and bugs to fix, but overall, Firefox HTML5 video is having a very good run and boasts a promising future as well.

Available across several operating systems and containing updates that anticipate possible future developments on the web standard scene, Firefox remains one of the most popular web browsers online with around a quarter of the world’s Internet users choosing it as their main browser for daily use. It falls behind the conservative Internet Explorer, either losing or beating Chrome to the second place, depending on which source you ask.

It should not come as a surprise that Mozilla was among the pioneers at implementing the Firefox HTML5 video support and subsequently stabilizing it with quick fixes and functional improvements. Internet users are keen on browsing the web with it due to its internal stability and efficient handling of memory usage.

Mozilla Firefox has also proved itself as a web browser very conscious of its users’ security considerations. For example, its development team applied numerous tests to the HTML5 fullscreen feature, adjusting, regulating and replacing different security measures and fail-safe mechanisms before finally rolling out their take on how fullscreen should function in a modern and safe browser. The security measures they implemented will prevent Internet users who use Firefox to surf the web from facing malicious content and let them enjoy full engagement while in fullscreen mode without having to worry about things like security.

As the battle of HTML5 video playback versus Flash-based streaming was largely lost by the former, or rather, did not bring any noticeable results, Mozilla have been doing a fair share of improvements to the Firefox HTML5 video player functionality. They added several new features, made the rest of the screen dim as a video plays, gave access to a detailed statistics report for each video, increased the tracing accuracy, added a fullscreen support and otherwise matched every relevant feature that Flash has to offer, both for current and upcoming versions of Firefox. It should be noted that all of that was done while supporting Flash just as eagerly as HTML5 video at the same time.

Mozilla Firefox might have missed the early chance of being compatible with YouTube’s HTML5 video by preferring OGG Theora as their codec of choice, instead of the widely regarded and outperforming, but proprietary MP4 H.264, but it made an understandable decision towards free and open-source encoders.

Besides, the consequences of that decision did not do much to throw Mozilla off course and the Firefox HTML5 video support took off as successfully as ever. Just like before, Firefox is a top choice among Internet users, ranking high up with the top dogs of the industry. Videos and websites published with Easy HTML5 Video look good on Firefox and allow Internet users to experience every feature of HTML5.

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