Encode video to OGG Theora

Theora is one of the many video formats that could become a part of the HTML5 standard, about to be finalized in 2012. Meanwhile, many browsers support this format and it can be readily used on your website. You will need to make video from OGG before you use them with the <video> tag.

Here Is Why and How to Convert Any Video to OGG

OGG Theora is an open video codec that is one of the most common formats used for videos on websites. The advantage it has over its big brother H.264 is that it is free of any royalty. When you use OGG, you don’t need a proprietary plugin such as Adobe Flash to view videos. You also won’t need to pay anything for using this format. Moreover, it is supported by many browsers today.

Why OGG ?

Many browser vendors opine that HTML5 should have a video format that is completely free and open source. OGG is a video format that fulfills this criterion and other important criteria too, and hence it is a good fit for your website. It helps people using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets access your HTML5 powered website without any problems.

Converting MP4

MP4 is one of the most widely used formats for videos on the internet. Many of the most visited sites on the internet use this format for delivering video content. However, this format may not be part of the upcoming HTML5 standard and hence is not future proof. To support an increasing percentage of browsers, convert MP4 to OGG using developer tools available for free.

Converting AVI

AVI is probably the most popular video formats for local videos on your device and those accessed over the internet. At the moment it enjoys widespread supports from browsers. However it is also based on the H.264 video format, which is proprietary. It might not be supported by open source browsers such as the immensely popular Mozilla Firefox and others such as Opera.

To deliver content through these browsers, you should convert AVI to OGG. Again converting videos is not a very difficult job these days. You can also use multiple formats on your website. When you do this, the browser will automatically pick up the video format that suits it the most. It is not uncommon for websites to have the same video in 3 or more formats, just so that it can cater to all visitors.

If OGG becomes a part of the HTML5 standard, then it will be supported by other browsers including Internet Explorer and Safari too. With Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome already supporting the format, you can safely use it for video streaming on your website. To convert to OGG, try the HTML5 Video Format Converter. It supports many video formats at once.

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