How to Encode Flash to HTML5 of SWF to HTML5 Video?

A few years aback, few people would consider to convert Flash to HTML5 web standard. They were completely content with the way things were and SWF used to be the standard format for viewing videos on the Internet, being backed by all popular online video-sharing sites, such as YouTube. But not anymore.

Things are changing and people are realizing the advantages of HTML5 when compared to all other third-party plugins that offer the display of dynamic content on websites. Flash may still be the most popular means of sharing and viewing videos online, because it is hard for website owner and designers who were working with Flash for years to suddenly switch to another platform, but it’s about to change. An ability to easily and seamlessly convert SWF to HTML5 would certainly fix the learning curve for a lot of people and sway them all towards the new web standard.

Video playback support of HTML5 has made countless new effects possible through a multitude of cutting edge features which Flash simply has not caught up to. Its full integration within the browser platform gives it more flexibility than that of externally embedded SWF files and makes HTML5 video a top choice among webmasters who are trying to appeal their site visitors in the best ways possible.

This has created a huge demand for easy ways to transform Flash to HTML5 and web developers are quick to take advantage of it by offering different kinds of Flash to HTML5 converter applications online. It is a good thing, because people have a wide range of products to choose them and find all the necessary features that appeal to their particular needs. Those who are just looking for an instant way to convert SWF to HTML5, on the other hand, may be deterred by the countless different offers, products and services showing up on their search results.

The easiest and most effective way to make HTML5 video from Flash by far can be found using a search engine like Google or Bing, as can be anything else on the Internet. The trick is to use the right keywords in your search that will lead you to the exact software you want to download. First of all, you are looking for a free application that offers full functionality for converting files and possibly some additional features. There are various professional-level software products out there, but they are not required in most cases, as the same thing can be done by simple applications that do not take too much space on your computer.

The way to convert SWF to HTML5 is basically taking the Flash file and making it into Theora OGG, WebM or H.264 MP4, one of the formats accepted by HTML5 web standard. As all you need is essentially a video converter, such as Easy HTML5 Video.

You might already have that function within software that you downloaded previously to your computer. Then you will not even have to search the Internet for a new application, as some modern video editing software also has the Flash to HTML5 functionality. If that is not an option, Easy HTML5 Video is a free application that can do it.

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